Top 17 Web Designer Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the best web designer interview questions and answers for freshers and job seekers. Hope these questions and answers will help you crack your web designing interviews like never before. The main aim of this post is to make you aware of some latest web designing interview questions and answers that will update yourself with the latest trends and help you learn new things happening around today’s market.

  1. What are some leading languages or platforms used for website design?
    HTML – HyperText Markup Language for Base template
    CSS – Cascading Style Sheet for Styling
    JS – JavaScript for Functionality
    PHP – Personal Home Page for Server-side scripting
    are the main language or platform used for web designing.
  2. What is HTML?
    HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the most influential markup language for building web pages, websites or anything that is displayed in a browser.
  3. What is CSS and its purpose?
    CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheet” and it helps to manage font sizes, styles and color combinations which are applied on web pages. Simply put, it gives the overall ‘look and feel’ of the website. Since it makes global appearance changes, a single change in the CSS file will make changes to the entire website where it is being used. Web pages retrieve data each time before displaying it.
  4. What is external style sheet? How do you link it?
    It is a document containing the style information which is linked to a number of HTML files. Generally, the external CSS is linked using the LINK tag under the HEAD element. Files having the CSS elements should have a relevant extension, say for example, style.css.
  5. How do you align images so they are placed higher or lower than the other?
    By using the align syntax in the IMG SRC tag like . Align can be done in other ways as align=middle, align=centre, etc.
  6. How to fix image in the background?
    To do so, point the body background with the image name as mentioned below:
    < /head> tag.
    < body background=”image.gif” >
    You can also have the BG image fixed, so the image doesn’t move when you use the scroll bar in the browser. For doing this, you need to add BGPROPERTIES and tag as given below:
    < body background=”picture.gif” bgproperties=”fixed” >
  7. Explain the difference between “display: none” and “visibility: hidden”?
    These both are style properties.
    display: none: This doesn’t allocate any space and removes the element entirely from the page which means the does not appear at all though it remains in the source code.
    visibility: hidden: The tag is not visible (hidden) on the page but the space is allocated unlike display:none
  8. When will you use CSS float in CSS?
    CSS float is a quite commonly used property. It specifies how the element should be placed – either left or right of the container making the text and other elements wrap around it.
  9. List out the 5 values for “position”?
    Static, relative, absolute, fixed, inherit are the five possible values for “position”.
  10. What is doctype?
    Document type declaration is an instruction given to the browser to intimate about the HTML version. It is not case sensitive and is usually written at the beginning before the tag, and it does not require end tag. It is important in the old versions of HTML, whereas for HTML5 is not mandatory to declare it in the beginning.
  11. How do you integrate CSS file into your webpage?
    You can integrate CSS with HTML Files, you have to add the file after tag using a property called “link.” Say example,
  12. How do you make a webpage on which someone can send a mail by just clicking on the text with subject?
    This can be done using a command named “mailto” in an AHREF tag.
  13. List out different types of JavaScript?
    There are around 6 major JavaScript types. It includes:
    Null, String (include empty strings,””), Undefined, Boolean, Number (include integers and real numbers)
  14. How many HTML tags will be used for a simple web page design?
    The simplest of a web page contains 8 tags, in 4 pairs of tags.
    Simple web page Cannot get simpler than this.
  15. How do you differentiate linking an image, website or email address?
    An image can be linked using tag where you have to define the image source and attributes with src tag. For hyperlinking texts, email address or to link different parts of the website, you can use
  16. Can you explain the difference between HTML and HTML5?
    HTML5 is the latest version of HTML. It has got some new features like audio/mp3, video, date select function, canvas, placeholder, 2D/3D graphics, local SQL database which do not require an external plugin.
  17. What is the difference between elements and tags in HTML?
    HTML elements inform how to render text and when surrounded by angular brackets <> it forms HTML tags.
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