Each house has a Lord and to manage the affairs of different significations of that house, the Lord get assisted by a manager. This manager is the Doer or the Karaka in astrological terms. Whereas on the one hand, few house lords have to manage their house issues with just a single karaka while on the other side there are few other houses lords which have multiple Karakas to handle different issues of that house. One such house is the 10th house, ( the House of Profession / Earnings) and this house has five Karakas/managers the duties of whom I shall discuss. But before that let us understand what 10th house bestows to the native regarding the profession.This 10th house refers to the following:Livelihood, Work, Employer,Master’s in Business, Boss, Appointment,Promotion, Occupation, Vocation,Kingdom, Government, Aristocracy,Rank, Status, Position of Authority,Public Esteem, Ruling powers,Respect, Honour, Command.Living abroad, Commerce,Trade, Business.And the management of the above significations have been distributed to the five karakas in the fashion as described below:Sun: This is the Karaka which signifies and manages the Rank, Status, prestige, and Hight of authority.Mars: This planet manages the Bravery, Chivalric and Leadership qualities as related to the 10th house.Mercury: This planet looks after Commerce, Trade, Voice and Intellectual qualities related to the 10th house.Jupiter: This planet looks after Knowledge, Discretion, Luck, and Glory as related to the 10th house.Saturn: This Karaka enjoins upon hard labour and toiling for success.Now, we see that Venus, Moon, Rahu, and Ketu are barred from being the Karaka of the 10th house probably because the qualities that these planets have, were not considered essential for uplifting the significations of the 10th house in the past.Now consider this,What if everything goes fine, but the individual earns no wealth?What if the native excels in his profession, but he does not feel comfortable and draws no pleasure from it?What if after some time the individual does not like the profession he is in?What if he has no tastes to what professionally he does?What if the profession needs some elegance and aesthetic sense and he has nothing to offer?Let me group these points as Group-1 points.Now, let us consider this also:Do we not want the previous lives good deeds add up to my good fortunes in this life?What if there is no tolerance of any sought?What is orthodoxy prevails and one is not after new techniques?What if the native is not able to work in his later part of life?What if someone wants to travel to work in Europe?What if women trouble the native at the workplace?What if the person is not liked and admired by the co-workers?Allow me to group these points as Group-2 pointsNow, let us consider a few more points:What if the native is not able to handle foreigners and non-Hindus properly?What if the native is not diplomatic enough?What is the native is not able to deal with social unrest against him or the faculty he/she heads?How do we place the above traditional karakas to explain the Job as a pilot and the likes?Let me Group these points as Group-3Now, let us consider the last set of points:The spiritual profession of a seer, Dharam Guru, etc, how the traditional karakas explain for that?A soldier in captivity of an enemy, but his family is well fed by the government he serves, can it be explained through the above traditional Karakas.The police officer, immigration officers, CBI, and other intelligence-related officers have a certain element of unexplained anger in their style, and even a faultless person wobbles when these people confront him/her.  These people cannot excel without this behaviour, and this cannot be explained through the traditional karakas.Now the significations that I explained in various sub-groups cannot be dealt or understood in totality by the traditional karakas of the 10th house, but, with the assistance of other planets which were left, these peculiarities may get a suitable explanation.If Venus is understood to be the Karaka of the 10th house, the points in the group one could be duly explained and similarly Moon the Karaka for group 2, Rahu as the karaka for the third group and Ketu as the Karaka for the last group appropriately explains all the points mentioned above.With these Karakas coming into pictures in 10th house it becomes easy to explain as to why:A top police officer leaves his job for accomplishing some Dharma.A pilot is opening a casino.A soldier opts to become a merchant.A businessman comes into philanthropy full time.A person jailed in a foreign land but his family still feeding on his salary.A rag to riches story, where the Purva Punya comes to play.After getting all planets (Shadowy or otherwise) as the karaka of the house, there has to be a specific rule to use them viz a viz the 10th house.  My experience shows that the positioning of these Karaka in Dusthana to the 10th house is more dangerous to its significations than when they are in an enemy or debilitated house.Out of the three Dusthana, the 6th or the third from the ascendant is an Upachaya house for the 10th house, so the placement of the Karaka here is not that bad, but it can have its demerits.An exalted positioning of a Karaka in the eight (5th house) or 12th house(Ninth house) from the 10th house gives adverse results to its signification.

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