Team-Up, Strategize, Execute: For a Perfect Feature

An age-old brainteaser: What came first? Chicken or the Egg. Similar is the debate on Content or Design – Which Should Lead?
Content and Design walk hand-in-hand. So the best way is to Team-Up, ‘cause ‘Great content creates a Great Design’. One needs to carefully select the words to complement a design to be able to grab user attention and make them do what you want them to. In short: accomplish the goal of your website.
No copywriter likes to take up the fill in the blanks job of placing content into pre-approved designs. It’s like starting a bout with hands tied. Copywriters are not there to replace those Lorem ipsums. It kills the creativity and leaves no room for a writer to create a great content. Interactive, to-the-point and appropriate content on a design helps give a clear message to the users.
Our newly launched feature- ‘Certified Agent’ was on the cards and we wanted to help our agents grab more business from the market by acquiring an identity that builds their credibility and makes them stand-out from the rest of agents who are not doing well in the market.
Altogether a unique tag of ‘Certified Agent’ who can be trusted was not just a feature but a bag of responsibilities on the shoulders of Magicbricks. This is because while it gave an opportunity to agents to brag their repute and genuineness, it also helped Magicbricks users to pick the trusted agents for their requirements. So, it needed hard-core functionality on the backend too that makes these agents trustworthy. These agents are projected as – Trusted by users, have genuine listings, have complete market knowledge.

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