May 27th, 2019: Discordant Nurturing

Mars in Cancer conjunct Ceres Rx in Sagittarius (7 deg)
Mars in Cancer is nurturing actions. Ceres in Sag is that the growth and nurturing of one thing new, daring or exotic. the 2 area unit incompatible these days – actions could also be breathless or cautious, holding you back after you need to explore. And yet, you can’t throw caution to the winds – you continue to ought to be safe. Mother/child dynamics area unit robust however discordant. but this can be taking part in enter your life, take into account what you have got to try to to (Mars) to be safe and cozy whereas still encouraging growth and enlargement during a new space. Since Ceres is Rx, this can be one thing you’re revisiting. Patreon Post: Transits to Natal Versus Transits to Composite
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