Know How Will The 2019 Mars Transit In Cancer Impact Your Life

Dates For Mars Transit In Cancer Starts: 22nd June 2019
Ends: 9th August 2019 The Planet Mars: Know Its Significance

Indeed, Mars is a very significant planet in Astrology. It is action, it is the ability to take a decision, it is dynamism. Mars helps make military soldiers, warriors, real estate dealers. Besides, builders, businesspersons,  surgeons, and sportspersons have good mars in their horoscopes. Also. Mars represents younger siblings in relationships and all the blood relations that we have in our lives. Mars also represents blood and muscles in our bodies. It is a passion, the sexual urge within an individual. It is a boyfriend in a girl’s chart. Mars is considered as the defense minister in our solar system. Mars represents the explosion and excessive energy. It is responsible for the accidents and the wars on Earth. All the weapons, firecrackers, explosives come under the family of Mars.Some Other Features Of Planet Mars Mars likes to be with Jupiter, Sun, and Moon but does not like to be with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Basically, planet Mars belongs to the fire element and it signifies strength. If Mars is strong in the horoscope, then the person becomes very active. But, if Mars is weak in the horoscope, then that person may suffer due to accidents, operations, burns, electric shocks, and liver problems. Whereas the Mars-Rahu conjunction may cause hypertension (high BP) and hemoglobin related problems on Saturday 22nd June 2019, Mars will transit from Gemini into Cancer. The transit will occur at 11:21 pm after which Mars will stay in the same zodiac sign Cancer till 04:32 am of 9 August 2019. Read on and know what are the likely positive or negative effects of this transit on your zodiac sign: Mars Transit 2019: Mars In Cancer – Predictions For The 12 Moon SignsMars Transit In Cancer 2019 For Aries Mars Transit In 4th House, You are advised to keep your mind calm at this time. People who are suffering from heart-related ailments or diseases must take extra care. Those desirous of marriage are likely to receive marriage proposals. If you are working, it is indicated that you will perform well in your field. You may get promotion in the job and you will also earn respect and dignity. You must take special care of your parents during this period as their health may deteriorate. Be cautious and careful while buying a vehicle or property. Are you curious about your future? Buy the 2019 Highlights Report and know what is in store for you. Mars Transit In Cancer 2019 For Taurus Mars Transit In 3rd House You will stretch your limits to keep in touch or maintain your communication with people. It is indicated that your younger siblings may trouble you and it will be good for you to stay away from them. You must not get into unnecessary disputes or arguments at this time. There are possibilities of being away from home for work or other reasons. Mars Transit In Cancer 2019 For Gemini Mars Transit In 2nd House It is advisable to watch your words and keep your actions and conduct under check. You may fall short of funds due to unnecessary expenses. Some differences may occur in the family which may adversely affect relations with family members. It is advised to take care of your health and be careful while driving a vehicle. Mars Transit In Cancer 2019 For Cancer Mars Transit In 1st House You may be stressed for some reasons. Because of your impulsive nature, it may get worse. You must try to control your anger. Take care of yourself as you may be affected by migraines. Be watchful of your words, actions and conduct to prevent disputes with your life partner. It is necessary for you to pay more attention to your business partnership. Mars Transit In Cancer 2019 For Leo Mars Transit In 12th House You are likely to move abroad on a student visa or work permit. Your expenses may rise due to ill health or hospital charges. It is advisable to stay away from getting into disputes and arguments. The time is apparently favorable for those seeking a bank loan. An increase in salary is anticipated for those engaged in jobs. Mars Transit In Cancer 2019 For Virgo Mars Transit In 11th House There are chances of success in job and business. This period of time is seemingly favorable for love-relationships as well as for couples seeking a child. This is also a good time for the progress of children. You are likely to benefit from every aspect of life. It is indicated that you will be financially sound and you will not face any financial trouble. Mars Transit In Cancer 2019 For Libra Mars Transit In 10th House Whether you are engaged in a job or business, your power and prestige will grow during this period. You are likely to get promoted because of your notable performance. Your relations with your colleagues will be amicable. If you have been thinking of buying a property, then it is a good time to take a step further. Mars Transit In Cancer 2019 For Scorpio Mars Transit In 9th House This is an extremely favorable time for you. Your luck will shine during this period. There are possibilities of going on a pilgrimage. It is indicated that your relations with your relatives living abroad will get better. The possibilities of change in the job are indicated. This will be a good time to go abroad for higher education. Know your future. Access the 2019 Highlights Report. Mars Transit In Cancer 2019 For Sagittarius Mars Transit In 8th House You will have to be very careful in every step you take in life. You will be enlightened with the knowledge of right and wrong during this period. You will have to work doubly hard. You are advised to pay attention to your health. It is indicated that some problems or differences of opinion may arise between you and your life partner. Be careful and cautious as possibilities of surgery are indicated. Mars Transit In Cancer 2019 For Capricorn Mars Transit In 7th House There are chances of strife and conflicts in married life, therefore it is advised to avoid getting into arguments with your life partner. There are possibilities of terminating/breaking the business partnership. Delay in marriage is indicated for unmarried people, while ill-feeling or conflict in relation with love interest is indicated for those involved in a love relationship. Mars Transit In Cancer 2019 For Aquarius Mars Transit In 6th House You need to focus more on your job. Stay away from getting into a debate with your colleagues. Be careful with your boss/superiors to avoid facing their wrath. There are possibilities of some minor or moderate health problems affecting you but pay more attention to problems related to migraines. Try to avoid unnecessary expenses. It is indicated that your married life will be tense. Mars Transit In Cancer 2019 For Pisces Mars Transit In 5th House Take care of your children as they are likely to be affected by some health problems. This period may not be favorable enough for those involved in a relationship as there are chances of some disputes or differences in the relationship. Be cautious while investing in the stock market as you may lose money in the greed of making more money out of it.

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